Kappa Oil Services

Kappa Oil Services was founded in 1995 as a mid-sized international service provider, to the Oil and Gas industry. Their Key Objectives are to offer reliable and efficient services by leveraging their know how, in order to deliver optimal productivity and results.

From Procurement & Maintenance to Training, QHSSE and Skilled manpower Supply, Kappa Oil Services’ people are constantly offering the best services and solutions to any project of average size. Their Production department, designs, develops and provides the best possible enhanced oil recovery methods, for optimal production on any site.

Headquartered in the La Defense, business district in Paris, Kappa Oil Services operates globally, and has built a huge active customer base with many of the world’s leading oil and gas organizations.

In addition to their commitment to superior services, they are equally proud of their people. Many very talented and creative professionals, from the industry, work at Kappa Oil services and are passionate about what they do.

Kappa Oil Services has a Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (QHSSE) Policy for all its activities and is certified in ISO 9001.


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  • logo Partners

    Throughout the past years, Kappa Oil Services
    has established a network of Partner Companies,
    which they have been working with on many
    projects, and together, they leverage their global
    know-how and capabilities, allowing them
    to meet a wide range of applications.

  • logo Corporate Sustainability

    Kappa Oil Services wishes to be a sustainable
    organization, and their Vision is to be recognized
    as a high performing company in all aspects of
    their Activities in the provision of international

    oil and gas services.