Quality Health Safety Security Environment

QHSSE is a standard in the Oil and Gas industry. It is the application of preventive and risk-based approaches that cover all project phases of oil and gas operations.



Kappa oil Services offers a wide variety of source inspection
processes and assures the quality of all materials and equipment for:

• Drilling production (onshore

• Transportation (pipelines, power station)

• Refinery, Petrochemical

• LNG plants

The quality of all equipment, materials, structures and components is subject to strict regulations and standards.Kappa Oil Services’ quality assurance and quality control services, help you ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards.

Kappa Oil Services Provides qualified and experienced Quality Assurance, Quality Control inspectors, to assure that equipment is delivered to schedule in a condition that is “Fit for Intended Use” and is fully compliant with applicable standards and regulations.
One of their most important aims, is to help to Advance Quality Achievement and Performance Improvement throughout their customers organization.

Health and safety is an important part of any industry, but in particular, in oil and gas industry: which is classed as very hazardous. Reducing the number of dangerous occurrences, injuries and hydrocarbon releases, remains a top priority.

Kappa Oil Services aim is to provide their customers with the HSSE skills they need in order to achieve the maximum performances and reach the highest safety and environmental standards, throughout any project, operation and organization. The Safety of people, communities and the environment, takes priority on every project.

Kappa Oil Services interacts with its customers, by conducting HSSE analysis and studies, within their project, operation or organization. Once they have gathered sufficient information, two options are available:

• HSSE manuals can be drafted and by consequence, submitted to the customer, for their internal use and training.

• Training sessions can be organized by Kappa Oil services, for their customers’ staff.

Kappa Oil Services helps meet HSSE compliance goals, by offering, around the world quality services, to assist with the development, execution and ongoing management of HSSE programs. This ensures the health, safety and Security of employees, as well as compliance with environmental regulations.

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