Kappa Oil Services’ oil and gas maintenance management department has for Goal, to be capable to manage any situations, in order to constantly keep the performances and the safety, of their customers’ assets, at the required quality. Improving accessibility and efficiency is an integrated part of their service. 


With more than 20 years of experience, Kappa Oil Services is specialised in the preparation of maintenance procedures and planning of preventive maintenance on oil and gas facilities.

Working closely with their customers, they present strategies that significantly advance the organization of maintenance within any oil and gas project or operation. They implement strategic asset management and develop programs that improve availability and efficiency in order to increase their customers’ overall operating economy.


Kappa Oil Services, believes that maintenance is one of the main objectives that acts to optimize production and helps to maintain the safety of their customers’ operations.


Globally, Kappa Oil Services’ aim is to :


• Reduce oil and gas Maintenance costs

• Improve Availability & Reliability on a Long Term basis

• Extend Service Life by prevention maintenance processes, within a compulsory schedule

Our strategy

There are several phases in a maintenance lifecycle


Engineering phase
Purchase phase
Exploitation phase
Dismantling phase