Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery (abbreviated EOR) is a generic term, for techniques designed for increasing the volume of Hydrocarbons that can be extracted from a field.


Around one third of the oil in an average field remains underground because it is too costly to extract. If the oil is especially thick, the amount left behind can be much higher, especially when Operating expenses are not covered with income (Wells in end of production). Now days, advanced technologies are making it economically feasible to produce the remaining oil at competitive prices.


Kappa Oil Services – designs, develops and provides enhanced oil recovery methods, which increase the effectiveness of oil recovery from a field.


The first steps in the EOR Process, involves having good knowledge of the candidate field by conducting analysis and collecting data through a technical study prior to do anything. Thereafter, the aim is to propose and implement the best possible EOR method, which means extracting the greatest amount of hydrocarbons, while taking into consideration all factors from detailed data, for optimal production.


As there are many Potential Environmental impacts, which are involved with this process, Kappa Oil Services implements HSSE standards during each phase of the operation.


Kappa Oil Services’ project engineers have many years of experience in enhanced oil recovery technologies, gained from working with diverse reservoirs worldwide.

Weyborn unit Oil production E.O.R. forecast