Kappa Oil Services is a global player that has held close and trusting relations with its approved suppliers for 19 years and can provide support to its customers, through the provision of dedicated procurement services.

Their experience, in developing a worldwide Supply Chain Management Processes, has allowed them to be able to offer their services competitively worldwide.

The oil and gas Procurement Management Team is in charge of sourcing new and old suppliers, buying, expediting, inspecting as well as organizing the shipping and logistics of the goods required. They constantly review and improve existing procedures and processes to improve competitiveness.

Kappa Oil Services takes upon themselves, the general logistical responsibilities from departure sites to customer’s warehouse :

Our strategy


Procurement documents,

Purchage Request,

Tenders & Cost estimates,

Procedures & Reports,

Organizational processes.

During the mission

Request For Quotation,

Purchase Orders, Expediting,

Quality Control, Packing,

Customs Clearance,


Reception and Customs Clearance upon Delivery

End of the mission

Suppliers Invoice Management & Services,


Delivery to Customer,

Reception Documents.